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Steel wire & fittings

Crane wire, Standard wire, Stainless steel wire, Container wire and braided wire rope slingsWire rope clamps, Sockets, Spelter sockets, End stop and swage sockets, Cable socks and tighten clamps.


3-Strand rope, Mooring ropes, Rope ,Twine and cord, Nets, Anchor chain and accessories

Chains & accessories

Chain, Hooks and brackets, oval rings, Load distributors and joints, Lifting eyes, Eyebolts and swivel bolts, Swirls, Shackles, Carbines and splits.

Lifting Tools

Lifting clamps, Jacks, Cargo skates and transport rollers, Hoists and winches, Air winches, Chain hoists, Beam clamps, Manual winches, Electric wire rope winches.


Roundslings, Webbing slings and lifting slings, Shackles, Connecting links and hooks, Corner protection

Marine & Offshore

Cargo securing gear, chains, cables, d-rings, stoppers, H-profiles, twist locks, anti-slip rubber

Used equipment

The range of used equipment varies.

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