About us

Your professional supplier in the lifting equipment industry

ScanNautic A/S is a flexible and professional company that is ready to perform any type of task related to lifting.

Load testing, service inspection and certification

ScanNautic A/S is now based in Fredericia and is a highly modern provider of service and trade to the marine and offshore sectors and to industry, with customers all over the world. Our headquarters in Fredericia is home to a rigging workshop, full testing equipment and our stock of lifting and cargo securing gear, ropes, cables, rental equipment, water bags and load cells. We offer our customers the option of sending us their equipment for testing and subsequent storage until it is required again or needs to be sent out to a ship.

ScanNautic A/S is a flexible and professional company that is ready to perform any type of task related to lifting. We ensure that we are at the forefront of development and the increasingly stringent statutory requirements for professional lifting gear. We have therefore put together and implemented a quality assurance system, in accordance with the ISO 9001 requirements.

Our goal

Our aim is to be a good quality, flexible partner who is professional at every level and an active participant in the development of our industry. We want to make a difference for our customers, prioritising good service day and night, every day of the week, all year round, on competitive terms. This is why we also send our skilled technicians out on servicing jobs all over the world. We service our customers wherever the need arises.

Søren Parder

Telephone: +45 7620 6100
Mobile: +45 2066 5600
Email: soren.parder@scannautic.com

Brian Lagoni

Telephone: +45 7620 6100
Email: brian.lagoni@scannautic.com

Claus Parder

Telephone: +45 7620 6100

Capt. Jan B. Knudsen

Telefon: +45 40 54 67 70
E-mail: jan.knudsen@scannautic.com

Capt. Kirill Plotnikov

Cell phone DK +45 29 13 17 21
Cell phone Russia+7 921 3357470
E-mail: kirill.plotnikov@scannautic.com

Capt. Mads Moss

Cell phone: +45 51 58 48 05
E-mail: mads.moss@scannautic.com

Sergei Shcherbakov

Naval Architect
Cell phone: +45 40 54 67 70
E-mail: sergei.shcherbakov@scannautic.com

We work with the best

All our products are of the absolute best quality. We work exclusively with suppliers and partners who know our high standards and can live up to them every time.