We have a wide range of products and services for the Building & Construction business to Competetitive prices.

We are experts in Lifting equipment and fallprotection, and we are ready to advice and support you. 

Our Services:

  • Repair and Service of Lifting Equipment
  • Certification Lifting Equipment
  • Certification of fall protection
  • Online Certification system 24/7-365
  • Technical Support and advice

Rental of Lifting Equipment:

  • Lifting Yokes(up to 240t)
  • Webbsing Slings (Up to 100t)
  • Roundslings (Up to 200t)
  • Schackles (Up to 500t)


Vores Produkter:

  • Stålwire & Fittings
  • Løfteværktøj
  • Surringsbånd
  • Kædesurring
  • Rundsling
  • Båndstropper
  • Løfteåg og helikopteråg
  • Faldsikringsudstyr
  • Sikkerhedsudstyr