The Containersloof

The best and safest way of ventilating ISO containers.
By connecting the container sloof to the existing door locking system (which is compatible with any ISO container out there) you wont need any modifications to the current set-up in which the container has been installed in. Can be used left and right side

Just open the doors en mount up the container sloof.

We are also happy to take your request with other measurements to fit your needs. So if you would like to have the doors open even more or less, there is always a solution.
If you would like the container sloof with your own company colours as well as serial numbers we’ll gladly take your orders.

Especially for cleaned (wet) containers this is an ideal situation. As the container mounted with the containersloof is driven to its next location, the vacuum behind the vehicle will have the container dried within minutes.

And even for use with wedge vehicles, just mount the container sloof on both sides so that the doors form a point like shape and unload the truck with moderation so that none of the big bags or whatever you’ve got loaded up with it comes along with it.
This is ideal for conveyor work.

In the measurements we’ve taken the thicker isolation reefer doors in mind.

The Containersloof is even usable for degassing container which are stacked high.

Can be used to degass containers that can be stacked high and there is room for a custom seal so that the container can be degassed without customs supervision.

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